laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboards (LDSP) are chipboards (chipboards) lined by pressing a film based on thermoactive polymers onto it under the influence of high temperatures and pressure.

The main advantage of this material is its relatively low cost and ease of processing.


8–38 mm


1750–2150 mm


2440–2800 mm, 3660 mm

The production uses decorative paper from leading European manufacturers and design centers.

BYSPAN laminated boards are available in more than 130 decors and a dozen surface structures. The combination of a large palette of decors and various structures allows you to implement all kinds of furniture design solutions and create a realistic look of various materials.

Advantages of BYSPAN laminated chipboards

     variety of decors and surface structures
     high resistance to mechanical stress (scratches, abrasion)
     high resistance to contamination
     high temperature resistance
     resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents
     high resistance to sunlight
     environmental friendliness (formaldehyde emission class E0.5)
     high strength

Application of BYSPAN chipboards

     furniture production (cabinet furniture, kitchens, children's rooms, hallways, wardrobes, office furniture)
     production of wall panels
     production of commercial equipment
     interior decoration of hotels, restaurants, cafes
     comprehensive interior solutions

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